Lesser Tropicals

 H.Lesser Tropicals  

This 8-1/2oz cloth was my favorite. It was hard and dry and tight. It could easily stand the setting in and taking out of sleeves time and time again. It draped like lead. The hand stitches showed beautifully. The Pounding with the iron couldn't hurt it.  Not to mention years of use. I loved it. It made my work a pleasure. The cloth was worthy of my effort to stitch a suit to last a long long time.  But then H.Lesser was sold to a dubious character. A charlatan   And he made Lesser cheap, weak and very mediocre. I felt like a farmer who had his topsoil scraped away. This dubious charlatan also ruined Harrissons. Along with their other cloths  He destroyed their unbelievably beautiful thick rich cashmere topcoating. He fluffed it up with air and found a way to keep the ounces measure the same. Don't buy it. There is probably half the cashmere in the fluffed up new topcoating than in the old but with the same fluffed up ounces. And what cashmere is in it is poor quality. I have the old books. I am no longer allowed to voice my opinions on cloth on The London Lounge so I will do it here. Bateman&Ogden Glenhunt is very good. So is Lovat Etterick and LL cloths. LL Flannel is amazing. All questions welcome. fshattuck1936@gmail.com

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